It all started with a basement where we had to design a lounge bar.
When we arrived and saw the facility - we advised customers to look for another room because of the poor condition (fungus on the walls, water that stood in other rooms).
To solve all these problems they had to spent a large amount of money that will go nowhere.
So it took much more time - but could be done properly.

As a result, the new place was found in a couple of days:
Photo of the room that was selected.
The first step was to create a reconstruction plan:
Reconstruction plan
After that we made the layout of the furniture:
The layout of the furniture
We have further developed the visualizations:
We found Loft-style furniture manufacturers, KARKAS brand. This is how the technical drawings look:
An example of a drawing
This is how the project came about:
Entrance area
Hall 1
Hall 1
Hall 2
Hall 2

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