SAKURA Restaurant
"Sakura" positions itself as a conceptual Pan-Asian open- kitchen. The Pan-Asian vector corresponds to our concept in every element of the interior and the open kitchen, which is separated from the hall only by panoramic windows. Each visitor has the opportunity to watch their meals being prepared.

This was the room before we took it into operation:
Started with furniture location planning:
Plan of measurements
The first thing we did was plan of the reconstruction of the walls:
Reconstruction plan
Developed a functional areas plan:
Technical equipment plan
These were the renders:
This is how the project came about:
Stanislav Ivanyshyn, founder of Sakura Pan Asian: "To realize the concept of the institution, I was looking for creative young designers who would understand my ideas and breathe life into them. With project manager Roman Prokopiv we were on one wave. I have noticed that for Roman it wasn't just a regular task – he lived our project. Creativity knows no boundaries of time, so we could discuss new ideas even at midnight, forget about sleeping for several hours and teleported to Asian countries in our mind. "

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20 Slobidska st., Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine
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